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Sept. 19, 2022

The Truth About Podcast Email Strategy with Britney Gardner

The Truth About Podcast Email Strategy with Britney Gardner

When you're trying to grow a podcast, email is key, and using the hook, line and sinker framework will help you write emails that get people to listen to your podcast.

Britney Gardner is a content strategist and content planner who helps businesses create content that brings leads into their business. She is also the host of the Know, Like & Trust Show, where she covers topics related to content strategy, marketing, and business growth. 

This is Britney Gardner's story...

Britney Gardner started out as a wedding photographer, doing weddings and portraits for families. But after having a kid, she realized that traveling every weekend for work wasn't conducive to the lifestyle she wanted to lead. So she backtracked heavily and went into branding photography. Her clients loved her work, but would often say they didn't know what to do with the photos she took of them. 

Britney realized that photos were just one tiny piece of a content strategy and that her clients needed help with putting their ideas into content that would actually bring leads into their business. She's been doing content strategy and content planning for more than five years and has loved taking all these different kinds of content and people and helping them build a strategy that works for them.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to write emails that get people to listen to your podcast 
  2. How to use content strategy to grow your podcast 
  3. How to promote your podcast using email and social media



Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:04] - After working as a wedding photographer, she switched to branding photography. She has been doing content strategy and content planning for more than five years. She helps her clients to create content that will bring leads into their business. She finds it fun taking different kinds of content and putting it into one fell soup.

[00:01:54] - Both content strategy and content planning are the implementation of the strategy that you've outlayed. Both require having a good idea of who your best client is and crafting an entire strategy that speaks to them, walks them along a journey, and shows them that you are uniquely qualified to help them with a specific problem.

[00:05:56] - How do you prepare the content for your Podcast? How do you plan the content strategy for the Podcast? What is the difference between the Podcast and the business content planning for your business? What are the differences between the business and the Podcast content planning methods?

[00:12:01] - Email is still 40 times more valuable than Instagram or Facebook than Instagram. Instagram is free. But if it's free, then I am the product, not the service. I back my email list up once a month. I know plenty of people who lost their Instagram account or had their Facebook pages shut down.

[00:15:06] - There are three steps to writing an effective email to promote a podcast. The hook is the first line of the post. The next part is the story, the metaphor, the analogy, the interest level that keeps people interested. The third part is to keep the attention of the reader.

[00:18:52] - How do you close an email? How do you tie it up in a nice bow and say, here's where you can find out more without being as direct as that? The idea is giving them a reason to click on that one. That click is a better gauge of their interest level than open rates.

[00:21:50] - The old standard of 20% is still the new standard for open rates. When he was on active campaign, his average open rate was in the 18% to 20% mode. He switched to Mailgun for a little more than a year, and his open rates skyrocketed. Now his average seems to be in the high 20%.

[00:24:39] - When she is in the flow, she can create three podcast content for six weeks. When she is not in the flow, she has problems with her business and house projects. She uses a paint sprayer to procrastinate. She spends a lot of time prepping for the spray painting.

[00:28:19] - In writing. She doesn't think about how this is going to work out. She doesn't have a formula for that part of it. It just kind of happens. She loves the way she looks at working off. To be like “oh. Yeah, I do this. And I do that”.

[00:29:58] - The audience doesn't want to read about constipation in an email. If you struggle to relate stories to what you're talking about in your podcast or in your emails, you're not alone. Having a story bank is something that, when you're starting this process, will help you.

[00:32:17] - BritneyGardner.Com has a free course called Healthy and Balanced Content Creation Method. It's applicable to planning your podcast content as well as other kinds. If you're like a video streamer or a blog writer, Britney wants people to understand there is a good way to manage their content planning.

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Here's a breakdown of what is covered:

[00:00:04] - How she got to where she is now.

[00:01:54] - Content strategy & content planning.

[00:05:56] - How do you plan for your podcast.

[00:09:10] - How does she promote her podcast.

[00:12:01] - Instagram vs email.

[00:15:06] - Step 1 your hook.

[00:18:52] - How to close the email.

[00:19:55] - Other type of subject lines.

[00:23:36] - How to think about creating a content bank.

[00:28:19] - How do you call people to action.

[00:29:58] - Stories of your life.

[00:32:17] - The healthy and balanced content creation method.