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Aug. 16, 2022

21. The simple hack to make your podcast audiograms work on social media

Are you creating and posting audiograms to promote your podcast on social media, only to get next to no engagement? In this episode, I break down the simple 3-step hack I’ve been using to increase views and engagement on the repurposed podcast content I post on social media.

In Episode 10 of this podcast, I made a bold statement. I said that repurposed podcast content is a complete waste of time. 

And that you should instead be reconcepting your podcast content when it comes to promoting your latest episode. 

And earlier this month, I changed my mind. 

Well, sorta. 

After getting lots of messages and emails asking what you should do if you don’t have time to reconcept. 

And it was a valid question. 

So I set about testing a new solution that takes way less time than reconcepting and it tripled the views and engagements on my audiograms. 

There’s 3 simple steps and I break it all down (with examples) in this episode. 

Here are the examples I go through in the episode:

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. The reason why your audiograms don’t work to drive traffic to your podcast 
  2. The one element you need to add to your audiogram to get fresh views and engagement every time you post 
  3. How to stop the scroll on social media to get your repurposed content seen and heard 

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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