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Aug. 1, 2022

19. The Secret to Avoiding Obscurity with your Podcast

Are you feeling frustrated and exhausted because your podcast just isn't getting the traction you want? Even when you do all of the things? Podfade may be coming for you. Check out this episode for the secret to crushing obscurity for your podcast!

"The biggest reason podcasts fade isn’t actually because of content fatigue or lack of time. People stop having the time or the will for it because it doesn’t get traction. And it doesn’t get traction because they’re not effectively promoting their podcast."

Back in December 2021, my husband Ash and I were driving around Canada when we decided to start a new podcast about NFTs. We didn't know much about them, but we figured the best way to learn was to talk about it. 

So in February 2022, we launched our podcast: The NFTpreneurs. We were so excited about the potential of NFTs and how they could be used in business and even more excited to share our journey and learnings with other entrepreneurs like us. 

But after seven episodes, we decided to shut the podcast down. We podfaded. 

Podfading is when a podcast creator decides to no longer release new episodes, and it can have many symptoms but there is only one root cause.  

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What is Podfade, and what causes it?
  2. How to ensure your podcast doesn't suffer from Podfade
  3. The exact steps to effectively promote your podcast to avoid obscurity 

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