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April 4, 2022

2. The Secret Hack to Get Instant Downloads of Your New Episode as Soon as You Promote It

This episode is for you if you’re feeling:
> Frustrated by the lack of ROI you’re getting from recording and publishing your podcast (trust me, you’re not alone!)
> Doubtful that repurposing your podcast episodes into clips to promote on social media is moving the dial (it isn’t!)
> Unsure about how to get more listeners, leads and sales from your podcast

Not that long ago I found myself with a lot of (high quality!) podcast content but not enough leads and sales to show for it! 

I was looking for an ROI on my time and mental labor but I was feeling stuck on the Podcast Hamster Wheel of recording, repurposing and resenting

Recording episodes every week (because it’s all about consistency right?!) 

Repurposing it into clips into social media (because that’s what the Gurus tell you is the secret to scaling!) 

Really Resenting the lack of results 😫😫😫

Luckily, one ‘Guru’ I DID listen to was my mentor Russell Brunson. 

As I wrestled with the challenge of getting more listeners, leads and sales from my podcast, he reminded me of the power of the C-Word… Curiosity 

I looked back at my own life and my own achievements and I realized that raw, insatiable, curiosity was the ONE thing that every successful effort of mine in business (and life!) has had in common! 

The multiple businesses that curiosity led me to!  

Because when I was filled with curiosity, I was compelled to take action.   

I realized this was the same emotional fuel that I needed to put into all my marketing for my podcast. So that my listeners would be filled with curiosity and compelled to take action. 

And so… I did! 

In fact, I developed a whole SYSTEM of frameworks called Content Honey Traps 🍯 that injects your front end funnel with the juiciest curiosity catalysts so that your dreamiest clients can’t help but follow you to your podcast and then to your conversion event!

It’s what helped me increase my email list by 80% completely organically! 

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The biggest mistake you’re making when promoting your podcast 
  2. How (and the psychology behind why!) Content Honey Traps work 
  3. 4 Content Honey Trap Tools that High Ticket Coaches and Consultants like you can use for your podcast today

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