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April 19, 2022

4. The Proven Podcast Content Strategy that will Magnetize Your Ideal High-Ticket Client!

The truth is, most podcast content strategies DO NOT convert to high ticket sales ... but most high ticket coaches and consultants don't know why.

In this episode you will learn the biggest mistake you are making if your podcast isn't attracting your ideal high-ticket client.. And what you can do instead to drastically improve your chance of attracting leads who buy!

It was the middle of 2021 and I had had it with my high ticket coaching program!

My team were fielding emails and DMs of unhappy clients who were asking for refunds or program extensions.  

The most frustrating thing is that we knew their lack of traction wasn’t our strategy, or our support or our training.

I just couldn’t do it anymore. And in that moment, I decided to burn it all down.  

It was only months later when I was speaking to another mentor, Melissa Ricker, that I realized that she had gone through the same thing and I put the pieces together. I had the wrong people in my coaching program.

Melissa showed me the one thing that changed everything for her to help her the RIGHT people into her program - elevating her content to speak to her 'Level 10 Client'. 

My content was definitely not speaking to my Level 10 client, which is why I was attracting the absolute wrong people.

People who expected quick results without putting the work in.

People who expected that by some level of investment leaving their bank account, that would entitle them to instant success.

This is why most podcast content strategies don't convert to high ticket sales, and if they do, then these clients won’t be sticking around for long. 

So how do you come up with content for your podcast and social media that attracts the RIGHT leads - your level 10 clients?

The answer to that is what I call The Content Bridge and this episode will show you exactly how to use it to magnetize your ideal high ticket clients!

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