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July 5, 2022

15. The Only Way to Monetize a Podcast With a Small Audience

When it comes to making money from your podcast, have you ever been told that you need a giant audience with at least 5,000 downloads per episode before you can even think about monetizing? 

In this episode, I break down a different way that works especially well for small audiences!

Over 5 years ago, I was in a particularly dark place with my hospitality business. 

The early days of excitement had worn off and we were in the messy middle of trying to scale our business.

I felt lonely and defeated. 

This was when I discovered the podcast, How I built this, hosted by Guy Raz. 

The inspiring stories from his guests of how they had conquered their trials and tribulations gave me the hope I needed to get through mine. 

I was so grateful for this free resource and was really glad Guy (and NPR) had the sponsorships to keep it going. 

When I started my own podcast for my coaching business, I thought that this monetization model - well-funded established podcasts with giant followings - was the only one. 

But I realized it wasn’t. And I figured out a way that is much quicker and more effective for experts who podcast. 

It’s the monetization strategy I used to generate multiple six figures in revenue in my first year of podcasting. 

And I’m excited to show it to you! 

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The 3 step framework to monetize a podcast with a small audience
  2. How to turn your podcast into a lead generation and conversion engine
  3. The simple ad read template that you can implement straight away for your next episode

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