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April 12, 2022

3. The Undisclosed Formula The Top 1% Of Podcasters Are Currently Using On Social Media To Grow Their Podcast Show

If you're feeling fatigued by consistently promoting your podcast on social media with no results (finding and clipping the best bits, creating audiograms, posting in your stories and on your feed only to get no engagement) then this episode is for you!

I launched my very first business in 2013. It was the brainchild of my husband, a dessert bar called The Choc Pot. 

All of our energy had been spent in standing up the business and with zero experience in marketing, we naively assumed that now that we had built, they would all come. 

But as you can imagine, they didn’t. And for many months, we scrambled to desperately figure out how to get people to find out about us. 

Fortunately for us, the newest social media platform on the block - Instagram!! - had just become a thing.   

I was definitely NOT an early adopter so it was only when my team member urged us to create an account that we got on Instagram. 

It was on this platform that food bloggers found us and we saw an amazing surge of online eyeballs, which quickly turned into foot traffic which blew up into exponential sales! 

Mind you, with some pretty terrible content 🥴

No honestly… check out our first few posts! 

We rode the Instagram wave perfectly. The rush that came from this organic viral growth was incredible!! 

And then… it all stopped.

We hit saturation point on the platform and our visibility plummeted. 

By this point, our product and brand was 10X better but we were getting seen by 10% of the audience we were used to! 

So I had to figure out a way to take the control back from the algorithm and make sure, not hope and pray, our dreamiest customers saw our content! 

And I wanted to do this sustainably, NOT by just chasing trending audio and trying to go viral or having to rely on paid ads. 

This is when I figured out a strategy that I now call Visibility Growth Hacking. 

After applying it to my multiple businesses, I personalized it for promoting my podcast and is what helped me get my podcast listenership increase by 74%!  

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The one thing you need to start doing on social media to grow your podcast 
  2. How to take control back from the algorithm and be seen by your ideal clients 
  3. The 3 Steps to Visibility Growth Hacking that High Ticket Coaches and Consultants like you can start using for your podcast today

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