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July 19, 2022

The 3 Steps to Ending Your Podcast Episode with Confidence

Do you find your podcast episodes are a little rushed? Awkward? Lackluster? I'm sharing the solution on how to be confident, clear, and magnetic in your ending so that your listener takes the exact action you want them to right away!

"So how do you actually end a podcast episode in a way that actually gets you the outcome you want?"

I've been doing a lot of podcast interviews recently, both as a guest and as a host. 

And time and time again, I used to feel incredibly awkward at the end of the episode, even if I had just recorded a great episode! 

When I was hosting, I’d be so pumped to promote my guest and just as excited to invite the audience to come join my community if I was a guest… but when it came time to actually do it, I found myself fumbling around a little bit and frantically thinking about my calls to action.

It was such a shame to lose all that momentum in the final few minutes so I decided to enlist some help from an unlikely source: dating. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to end a podcast episode so that you get the outcome you want
  2. The importance of being the initiator in the podcasting dynamic
  3. How to be confident and authentic in order to magnetize your audience

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