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Aug. 8, 2022

The 3 Easy Steps to Level Up Your Podcast Audio Quality with Dan Hughley

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the (excuse the pun) noise, when it comes to editing the audio of your podcast episode? Then this episode is for you!  

You will learn: 

1. Why audio quality is important for growing your podcast

2. The easiest way to get great audio quality for your episode   

3. How to simplify the process of audio engineering

Dan Hughley is an audio engineer and podcaster who specializes in helping podcasters improve the sound quality of their recordings. He is a Senior Marketing Manager at Focusrite,, a company that makes audio interfaces and other podcasting equipment.

This is Dan Hughley's story...

I'm an audio engineer, and I've found that podcasters are a fun community to be a part of. 

I got into audio engineering specifically for podcasters when my manager pushed me to go start engaging with them at a trade show. I'm always learning from and educating podcasters, and I think that audio quality is important for a podcast show that wants to be taken seriously. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What made Dan reluctant to engage with podcasters, and what changed his mind
  2. How much audio quality actually matters for podcasts
  3. Top tips for improving the audio quality of your podcast today!



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