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June 6, 2022

Show Notes: The Simple Template to Making Your Podcast Easy For Your Ideal Audience To Find

Does this sound familiar? You find yourself dreading and procrastinating on creating your show notes but also feeling extremely guilty for not doing them well (or at all!). If so, then this episode is for you! 

You’ll learn how to create show notes quickly and easily in a way that maximizes their reach!

Less than a year ago show notes for my podcast were just an afterthought. 

I was focused on growing on Instagram and TikTok and I had managed to dial that entire system in so that I only spent 2 hours a week on social media while my team did the rest. 

But something started to bother me. 

As an online marketer, I knew I had to be on search-based platforms like Google, YouTube or Pinterest, where people go on with an intent, searching for something in particular.  

I didn't want to just blind repurpose my content across platforms (because that doesn’t work) so I felt a little stuck. 

That was when I came across Danielle Desir Corbett, an ex-travel blogger turned travel podcaster, who showed me how to create show notes that would essentially be a blog.

It would be optimized for SEO, a great way for us to share further resources and the next step we wanted our audience to take with us as well as a shareable asset for platforms like LinkedIn. And for those who are a bit more advanced, even a destination to run paid ads to. 

And that’s when I realized the hidden power of show notes as well as the simple template that maximizes the reach of your show notes so that you can grow your audience!

In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

  1. The hidden benefits of show notes that make them worth the time and effort 
  2. How you can halve the time you spend on them while doubling your list 
  3. The simple foolproof template that your audience AND search engines will love 

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