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May 17, 2022

8. Podcast Description: How To Content Honey Trap For Instant Listens

Is your podcast episode description an afterthought? Then you’re missing out on listeners who are hooked in by your title but not convinced if the episode is worth listening to. In this episode, you’ll learn the 3-sentence episode framework that will get them to hit Play.

Confession time! When I started my first podcast, I was flying very fast and loose. 

There wasn’t a lot of strategy or intention. And a lot of “Let’s just see how this goes”.

Over time I started putting a lot more effort into upleveling my content. I knew it was hitting because I was getting 5-star reviews from the people who were listening. 

But I still wasn’t getting the downloads and listens to match. 

I realized this was because my episode descriptions were so… lackluster. 

Episode descriptions are super important because it is what people read to assess whether they want to listen to your episode or not. 

Even if I was hooking people with my title, my descriptions did not give them a reason to start listening. 

Here are some classic examples 😂

So I became a lot more intentional about how I was writing episode descriptions and started using my Content Honey Trap strategy. 

And that’s when cold traffic to my podcast started converting. I was able to strike the right balance of curiosity and value so that they just had to hit Play.  

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. What your episode description is missing
  2. The 3-sentence Episode Description Framework that gets you instant listens 
  3. 4 different ways you can create curiosity in the first sentence  

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Resources mentioned in this episode 

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