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March 27, 2022

How we made over $200k in our first year of podcasting with just a $53 microphone and a mission!

This is the story of how a podcasting newbie (spoiler alert… the ex-newbie is me, your hostess Deirdre Tshien!) transformed her first business podcast into a lead generation machine, closing over $200K in her first year.

If this past version of me who was recording her podcast at her dining table with a $53 microphone can do it, you can too!

Not that long ago I found myself with a very short runway to make my burgeoning Coaching business profitable. The consequence of that not happening was possible deportation from the US so let’s just say… we HAD to make it work. 

The year before, my husband Ash, my Co-Founder Bona and I had arrived in New York with such high hopes (and pure naive ambition!) to launch a Fashion Technology platform that we were convinced was going to be the next Netflix.  

But when we decided to fail that idea, we knew we had to buy ourselves some time to work out the next step. So we did what any self-respecting entrepreneurs in between businesses do to buy themselves time and get emergency cashflow… Consulting and Delivery Driving!


In between deliveries and Marketing Agency client work, we decided to take the next step with High Ticket Group Coaching.

So Bona and I started spending money, that we didn’t technically have (let’s just say the credit card companies loved us 😅), on Facebook ads to get leads for our webinars and challenges. And our conversion rate on those was a big. fat. ZERO. Meanwhile we were also podcasting our hearts out with no real strategy for getting listeners. 

The only thing that we were running out of faster than money was time. We had to figure out an organic traffic strategy that was going to work fast

And we did. 

Content Honey Traps 🍯 was the sticky, golden answer. 

After a slow, scary start, we made over $200K in that first year. And this episode covers the journey and strategy for how! 

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The 7 Hour Rule underpinning the power of Content Honey Traps 
  2. How (and the psychology behind why!) Content Honey Traps work
  3. 4 Content Honey Trap tools that High Ticket Coaches and Consultants like you can use for your podcast today


Resources mentioned in this episode 

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