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May 9, 2022

7. How Top Podcasters Are Using The First 5 Mins For Maximum Impact

Did you know: podcasts lose between 20 to 35% of listeners in the first five minutes? 

If you’re not getting enough listens for your podcast, then chances are your first 5 minutes need some work. We dissect the intros of the top podcasts and how the pros are using it to hook their listeners!

When I started my first podcast, the only thing I was focused on was publishing consistently. Twice a week, every week without fail. 

I was in Russell Brunson’s coaching program and he was teaching us that publishing your podcast consistently gives you a voice and credibility in our niche. 

The man was right but after a few months…. I was itching for an ROI on my time! 

It was only when I heard Russell showing us how to get cold traffic onto our webinars and entice them to stay, that it all clicked for me. 

I like to validate my thoughts (because let’s face it, I get some pretty crazy ideas!) 

So I  went back and started listening more closely to some of my favorite podcasters - what was it that they said and did that compelled me to not only tune into a particular podcast episode, but to also stay?

Of course!

Webinar or podcast, it was all about creating raw curiosity.

The medium didn’t matter so much as the intention…  

So as the coachable person that I am, I immediately started applying and testing what I had learned and the impact on the % of complete episode listens for my podcast was almost immediate! 

Just from supercharging my first 5 minutes! 

What I’m going to do is instead go through a 3-step framework and some examples of really effective intros from three pro podcasters and how they are using Content Honey Traps to hook their listeners in to stay until the end.

 In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The 3-step framework to supercharge your intros 
  2. How the pro podcasters are using content honey traps to hook their listeners  
  3. Why the first 5 minutes of your episode is the most important

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