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Sept. 26, 2022

How to track the sales generated from your podcast

How to track the sales generated from your podcast

Find out how to track how much your podcast generates in leads and sales with this easy guide.

When my mentor, Russell Brunson, encouraged me to start a podcast as the best way to find my voice and build an audience, I dove head first and recorded and published every week for a whole year. 

Then I found myself wondering.. “How do I start monetizing this? And how do I know exactly how much it is contributing to my leads and sales?”  

So I created a funnel specifically for my podcast audience and started tracking my podcast traffic. With this system in plance, I was able to confidently say that my podcast generated over $220,000 in leads and sales in my first year.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to set up a podcast funnel that entices your listeners to join your email list
  2. The exact system I used to track $200,000 worth of leads and sales  
  3. The conversion benchmarks for your podcast funnel   

Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:01] - Grow my podcast show is about growing a podcast audience and generating leads and sales. People listen to the show to find their voice, build their credibility, find their guests and to make money. The same reasons apply to every podcast I've started.

[00:01:36] - Deirdre Tshien is the CEO and cofounder of Capsho, the world's first AI-Powered podcast copywriter. She made over $220,000 in her first year of podcasting. Deidre and Bona are going to talk about how to track how much their podcast generates in leads and sales.

[00:04:44] - How can we track how much our podcast contributes to generating leads and sales? We lay out a process for you to be able to track and measure how your podcast is doing. But we can't say that we can capture everyone listening to our podcast or a podcast.

[00:05:40] - Step one is to create a back end offer, which is the thing you want to sell to your audience. Step two is to design a funnel. Step three is to measure how well your podcast is doing to generate leads and sales for you. 

[00:12:26] - In the episode on how to End Your Podcast, we went into the topic of the call to action. The main thing to make sure is that the only thing that you mentioned is the one thing you want your audience to do. If you are using your podcast to funnel people to the front end of the funnel, that should be the main thing that is mentioned.

[00:17:33] - After the three steps. The bonus session is about the conversion side of keeping track of things. This is almost like how we actually keep track of the technical side of things because there's definitely the conversion. 

[00:18:25] - Bona explains how to measure the effectiveness of a podcast funnel. She recommends at least a 20% conversion on anything you're putting out there and keeping an eye on how many people are listening to your podcast and how many of them are signing up for it. As long as you are bringing an immense amount of value to your audience, they're going to buy, they will convert. Let us know if you have any questions about any of the things that we've spoken to, and we will drop a cheat sheet in the show notes for you.

[00:24:12] - Capsho.com is an AI powered podcast copywriter. Capsho offers a free trial. To use it, you have to upload an audio file and capsho does the rest for you. It's very simple and easy to use.

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Here's a breakdown of what is covered:

[00:00:04] - How she got to where she is now.

[00:01:54] - Content strategy & content planning.

[00:05:56] - How do you plan for your podcast.

[00:09:10] - How does she promote her podcast.

[00:12:01] - Instagram vs email.

[00:15:06] - Step 1 your hook.

[00:18:52] - How to close the email.

[00:19:55] - Other type of subject lines.

[00:23:36] - How to think about creating a content bank.

[00:28:19] - How do you call people to action.

[00:29:58] - Stories of your life.

[00:32:17] - The healthy and balanced content creation method.