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Aug. 22, 2022

How to Name Your Podcast with Power and Clarity with Dr. Michelle Mazur

If you're feeling stuck with your podcast messaging and aren't sure how to move forward, then this episode is for you! You will learn:

 1. Michelle Mazur's journey from academia to entrepreneurship, and how her research background informs her brand messaging work today. 

2. The Three Word Rebellion messaging framework, and how it can be used to name a podcast.

3. The importance of clear and consistent messaging for businesses, and how to create a compelling argument for your work.

Dr. Michelle Mazur is a PhD in communication and helps businesses with brand messaging.

This is Michelle Mazur's story...

Michelle Mazur has always been good at spotting patterns. She saw a pattern in social movements and in the messaging of successful entrepreneurs and realized that there was a way to take questions from social movement theory and apply them to business. This led to the development of her Three Word Rebellion messaging framework. 

Michelle realized that the Three Word Rebellion framework could also be used to name podcasts. She saw that many business owners struggle with communicating what their business is all about and that this was often due to a lack of a clear and concise message. 

The Three Word Rebellion framework provides a way for business owners to create a tight message that is easy for people to understand. The Three Word Rebellion process consists of three steps: free writing, pattern spotting, and distilling all of that into your three word rebellion.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. The surprising link between academia and entrepreneurship, and how you can leverage it for your brand messaging 
  2. The Three Word Rebellion messaging framework, and how it can be used to name a podcast 
  3. The importance of clear and consistent messaging for businesses, and how to create it 




Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:02] - Michelle has a PhD in communication, and she does brand messaging for businesses. She uses her research skills and her ability to spot patterns to help her clients find their podcast name. Michelle uses The Three Word Rebellion as a messaging framework to help people find the right name for their podcast.

[00:03:24] - The three word rebellion is a powerful way to name a podcast. Many clients have launched their podcasts after their three word rebellions and it makes it easier to choose a name for the podcast. It's great for consistency of message.

[00:04:40] - Some of the common mistakes people make when they launch a podcast are using a name that's already used by other people and making it about themselves. It's not as descriptive as it needs to be to make people want to listen to the show.

[00:05:59] - After a PhD in market research, she quit her job in Seattle and started a business as a public speaking consultant. She hates the way the speaking industry treats its employees. She thinks business owners need to be consistent with their message, and they need a clear and crisp and crisp message.

[00:11:15] - The three word rebellion is the process of free writing patterns and the different types of three word revolutions. The teacher will start with free writing and why you need to get all your ideas out of your head and then talk about patterns and the revolutions.

[00:11:53] - The first step is free writing. The second is getting clear on the change you want to create. The third is an audio workshop for the three-word rebellion. The leader has a private podcast feed so she knows what the lead market is going to be.

[00:13:59] - In the first step, the writer does the free writing and then puts it aside for a good 24 to 48 hours. The second step is looking at the writing with the eye of a researcher. The third step is to filter the writing and create a word bank.

[00:19:22] - Michelle Evans changed the name of her podcast from the Marketing Funnel Show to Profit Without Worry because she wanted other people to Profit Without Worry, and it quadrupled her podcast downloads. The Three-word Rebellion framework is based on the idea of being curious and open to the possibilities.

[00:23:12] - There are three types of three-word rebellion. The first one is active, the second one is abstract and the third one is a declaration or the mantra Marie forleos' book. Profit without worry is an example of the third type of rebellion.

[00:27:43] - There's a good narrative forming from the sound bites. We're going to go into even those examples about when you mentioned Bernie Brown, about into your framework and then into the street. The three word rebellion is the starting point. It's what makes people curious and they want to know more.

[00:28:53] - The Client Decision Journey is an epic piece of messaging that helps you figure out what conversations do you need to have for people who are brand new to your business. It's so hard to get people to pay attention these days, so knowing exactly what to say to create conversation and create connection is the key to making this three word rebellion work for your business and for your podcast.

[00:30:02] - The message is delivered on private podcastfeed at threewordrebellion.com. The contact details for the workshop are: over at drmichellemazur.com which is how people can find her.

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Here's a breakdown of what is covered:

[00:00:02] - Michelle's podcast journey.

[00:03:24] - The power of three word rebellions.

[00:04:40] - Common mistakes when new podcasters launch.

[00:05:59] - From research to entrepreneurship.

[00:11:15] - The three word rebellion process.

[00:11:53] - The first step.

[00:13:59] - The second step.

[00:19:22] - How change can be made.

[00:23:12] - Three types of three word rebellion.

[00:28:53] - What's your podcast all about.