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Oct. 3, 2022

28. How to Get A-List Guests on Your Podcast with Sarah St John

Trying to get A-list guests on your podcast? You've probably been told the best way is to just reach out to them and pitch for an interview. But if you've tried this, you know that it doesn't always work. Because …

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Sept. 26, 2022

27. How to track the sales generated from your podcast

Find out how to track how much your podcast generates in leads and sales with this easy guide.

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Sept. 19, 2022

26. The Truth About Podcast Email Strategy with Britney Gardner

When you're trying to grow a podcast, email is key, and using the hook, line and sinker framework will help you write emails that get people to listen to your podcast.

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Sept. 12, 2022

25. How Experts should use Artificial Intelligence to grow their podc…

To AI but how?! That is the question. And this episode has the answer! You will learn how experts who podcast should be using it to further fuel their originality and cement their expertise!

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Sept. 5, 2022

24. How to avoid Pod Fade with PodPros Founder Alex Sanfilippo

Alex San Fillipo started PodPros to help podcasters avoid Podfade and succeed in the industry, but found that the path to success is full of its own challenges.

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Aug. 29, 2022

23. The Email Hack for Doubling Your Podcast Downloads

Curious about how else to grow your podcast? Emailing your list is an underused short-cut but you’ve got to do it the right way! In this episode you will learn: 1. The evergreen framework to writing a killer promotional email …

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Aug. 22, 2022

22. How to Name Your Podcast with Power and Clarity with Dr. Michelle…

If you're feeling stuck with your podcast messaging and aren't sure how to move forward, then this episode is for you! You will learn: 1. Michelle Mazur's journey from academia to entrepreneurship, and how her research background informs her brand …

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Aug. 16, 2022

21. The simple hack to make your podcast audiograms work on social me…

Are you creating and posting audiograms to promote your podcast on social media, only to get next to no engagement? In this episode, I break down the simple 3-step hack I’ve been using to increase views and engagement on the …

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Aug. 8, 2022

20. The 3 Easy Steps to Level Up Your Podcast Audio Quality with Dan …

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the (excuse the pun) noise, when it comes to editing the audio of your podcast episode? Then this episode is for you! You will learn: 1. Why audio quality is important for growing your …

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Aug. 1, 2022

19. The Secret to Avoiding Obscurity with your Podcast

Are you feeling frustrated and exhausted because your podcast just isn't getting the traction you want? Even when you do all of the things? Podfade may be coming for you. Check out this episode for the secret to crushing obscurity …

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July 25, 2022

18. The 3 Secrets to Creating Raving Fans for Your Podcast with Pat C…

Trying to build a community for your podcast listeners? Stop. There is one crucial step you’re missing: creating and activating your raving fans first. In this episode, you will learn: 1. The difference between a raving fan and a community …

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July 19, 2022

17. The 3 Steps to Ending Your Podcast Episode with Confidence

Do you find your podcast episodes are a little rushed? Awkward? Lackluster? I'm sharing the solution on how to be confident, clear, and magnetic in your ending so that your listener takes the exact action you want them to right …

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July 11, 2022

16. How to make the most of Podcast Movement (as an introvert) with J…

Is your podcasting journey feeling a little lonely and disconnected from not having a community? Do you feel stuck on how to get your first (or next) collaboration? Then this episode with Jared Easley, Co-Founder of Podcast Movement, is for …

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July 5, 2022

15. The Only Way to Monetize a Podcast With a Small Audience

When it comes to making money from your podcast, have you ever been told that you need a giant audience with at least 5,000 downloads per episode before you can even think about monetizing? In this episode, I break down …

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June 27, 2022

14. Should your podcast be on YouTube?

If you're an expert who podcasts wondering whether being on YouTube will actually get your podcast more visibility, then this episode is for you. In it, I show you how to decide if your podcast should be on YouTube and …

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June 21, 2022

13. How to Growth Hack live events for your podcast

If you're an expert who podcasts AND you’re planning to attend a networking event or conference where your potential clients are going to be… then you’re sitting on an unknown goldmine of explosive podcast growth! In this episode, I share …

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June 13, 2022

12. The 4 Steps To Getting Unlimited Traffic To Your Podcast

Getting serious about exploding your podcast listener baset? But feel like you’re throwing spaghetti on the wall? What you need is a step-by-step strategy to follow. I’m revealing my 4 step strategy, The Traffic Pyramid, to show you exactly how …

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June 6, 2022

11. Show Notes: The Simple Template to Making Your Podcast Easy For Y…

Does this sound familiar? You find yourself dreading and procrastinating on creating your show notes but also feeling extremely guilty for not doing them well (or at all!). If so, then this episode is for you! You’ll learn how to …

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May 30, 2022

10. The Podcast ROI Killer: Why repurposing content is a waste of time

You know what I wish I'd learned earlier about podcast content? The fact that you should repurpose content is a false belief. I'm wiser now and I'm sharing all the details on what you need to know about podcast content …

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May 23, 2022

9. Episode Content: Uplevel Your Episode to Hook your Listener to the…

If you want to know how to hook your listeners in and keep them listening until the end, this episode is for you! I lay out the 3 secrets that will make your episode content so effective that your listeners …

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May 17, 2022

8. Podcast Description: How To Content Honey Trap For Instant Listens

Is your podcast episode description an afterthought? Then you’re missing out on listeners who are hooked in by your title but not convinced if the episode is worth listening to. In this episode, you’ll learn the 3-sentence episode framework that …

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May 9, 2022

7. How Top Podcasters Are Using The First 5 Mins For Maximum Impact

Did you know: podcasts lose between 20 to 35% of listeners in the first five minutes? If you’re not getting enough listens for your podcast, then chances are your first 5 minutes need some work. We dissect the intros of …

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May 3, 2022

6. How to Identify Your Podcast Audience and Speak Directly To Them

Have you been thinking about niching down for your business? Trying to be everything to everyone is exhausting. But not only that, when you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no-one. If you’re tired of not getting cut …

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April 26, 2022

5. Double your Listens using this Podcast Title Formula... That takes…

Want the secret to a great episode title that gets instant listens? I'm laying out the 5 min formula that you can use straight away to level up your episode titles! In this episode, you will learn: 1. What to …

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