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Nov. 21, 2022

35. How to Repurpose Your Podcast for YouTube

35. How to Repurpose Your Podcast for YouTube

Want to get your podcast on YouTube but stuck on how to do it effectively? I am sharing my 3 step strategy to repurposing your podcast content for YouTube, and getting discovered through keyword research.

""You may be forgiven for thinking that perhaps keyword searching is the same on YouTube as on Google, but in fact, as I'm going to share with you on this episode, the approach is actually quite different."

I was recently listening to an episode of a podcast where they talked about keyword research and how important it is for ranking on Google and YouTube. I was inspired to look into this more, and I found a research paper by Improve Podcast that gave specific insights into what high income earning podcasters are doing that low income earning podcasters are not. I decided to take their approach and apply it to my own Google and YouTube keyword research. 

This involved choosing one very narrow topic to demonstrate, and then validating the keyword search to make sure people are actually searching for it. I created a decision tree to help people choose the right social media platform to promote their podcast. This process has helped me to rank better on YouTube and get more views on my videos.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to repurpose your podcast content onto YouTube in an intentional way in order to rank for your keywords
  2. How to do keyword research and marry up your findings with your podcast content 
  3. They key attributes your YouTube content needs to have for you to repurpose effectively 

Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:02] - Deirdre Tshien is CEO and co-founder of Capsho, the world's first AI powered Podcast copywriter. In episode 31 of the Grow My Podcast Show, Deirdrei explains how to repurpose your podcast content on YouTube and find the best keywords to help you rank on the second largest search engine Google.

[00:03:33] - Bona Rai and her co-founder discuss how to repurpose your podcast for YouTube in a way that will get you discovered. They go through the three steps for repurposing your podcast content for your own branded channel on YouTube in order to teach.

[00:04:42] - Bona and her team want to use YouTube to get their podcast discovered and to teach their audience how to promote their podcast. Bonnie explains how to do it in three steps. The first step is to choose which social media channel you want to be on. The second is to record your episode. And the third is to pick one very narrow topic.

[00:10:29] - In the first step of the podcast production process, you have to pick a very narrow topic to demonstrate and record a five-minute YouTube video on it. In the second step, you need to decide whether or not people are searching for the topic. In step number three, you must decide if the topic is relevant to the audience.

[00:13:26] - Bona uses a tool called Keyword Explorer to help them choose the right social media platform to promote their podcast. They will leave a link to the tool in the show notes and leave a YouTube video with a step-by-step guide.

[00:19:17] - Record your episode and pick a handful of topics. Plug those topics through to TubeBuddy. Play around with the keywords. Link your YouTube video back to your podcast episode to grow your podcast.

[00:19:56] - Capsho is an AI-powered podcast copywriter, the first of its kind.Capsho is available for free, no credit card required. To anyone who wants to amplify their message and reach their audience on more platforms in less time.

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