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Nov. 14, 2022

34. Ron Baetiong's 3-Step Strategy to a Building a No. 1 Podcast

34. Ron Baetiong's 3-Step Strategy to a Building a No. 1 Podcast

Ron Baetiong used the same approach startups take to turn his podcast idea into the number one podcast in the Philippines. In this episode, Ron will show you:
1. The key things that make your podcast a category topper
2. How to validate your podcast positioning 
3. The metrics you should use to benchmark your podcast's success

"The worst enemy that you have as a podcaster is yourself."

Ron Baetiong is the founder and CEO of Pod Machine and Podcast Network Asia. He is also a podcaster and has been for three and a half years. His podcast is called Hustle Share.

This is Ron Baetiong's story...

Ron Baetiong is the founder and CEO of Pod Machine and Podcast Network Asia, and he's also a podcaster. He started his first business in college, and then his second startup after a few years. His third startup is Podcast Network Asia and Pod Machine. He started Hustle Share as a way to pay forward what he's learned as an entrepreneur, and to try something new. He's grown his businesses to 320 shows across five countries, and he's here to teach us how to start a podcast the right way.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. The key things that make your podcast a category-topper
  2. How to validate your podcast positioning 
  3. The metrics you should use to benchmark your podcast's success 

Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:04] - Ron is the founder and CEO of Podmachine and Podcast Network Asia. Ron has been a podcaster for 3 and a half years. Ron's first startup was a nightlife app for 6 years and it failed. Ron started a chatbot development agency called Chatbot PH. Ron now has the number one business podcast in the Philippines.

[00:05:09] - The strategy that he uses with podcasting is treating it like a startup. He starts with the mindset that ideas are cheap and execution is gold. Most of the time. Your first idea is never going to be the final iteration of your podcast. You need to iterate and break through the wall until you hit a certain metric.

[00:07:06] - In the Philippines, only 20% of the top 200 podcasts were Filipino made. 80% were American. In the past three years, they went from five shows to 320 shows across five countries. Even if they combine all their competitors together, they're still bigger than them. In Indonesia, 10% of the top 200 podcast are also made by them.

[00:09:52] - The most important metric for a podcast is retention. If you keep 40% to 50% of your audience from the beginning of the episode to the end, your podcast is okay. The most important thing in creating your MVP, your minimum viable podcast is to get feedback.

[00:12:38] - When launching a podcast, one should aim for around 150 downloads per episode to be in the 50th percentile of all shows in the world. Retention is all about the download numbers, so one should try harder to get more people to listen to the show.

[00:15:03] - In the first season of his podcast. Ron wanted to earn some money to pay for the show. He also wanted to benchmark his show to be one of the best in his category. He uses a tool called Listen Notes to compare his show with other podcasts in other countries.

[00:18:35] - There is a long tail and an evergreen podcast. Long Tail is a podcast that has a shelf life of around 30 days. Evergreen is an episode that is beyond 8 weeks old and has a valuable shelf life. Evergreens are valuable because they are still going to get downloads 2345 years from now.

[00:21:20] - The third step is building clouds and building an audience. Podcasts are the best way now to grow a podcast around it. People engage with him the most on Facebook and LinkedIn, before he started talking about startups and created a podcast. When you launch a podcast, you don't start when you have the podcast ready.

[00:23:09] - PNA and Podmachine are two of the most successful startups in Southeast Asia. PNA started a podcast network and grew to around 200 shows. Podmachine is a productised version of PNA and PNA's podcast network. It's cheaper to produce for PNA than for American and Filipino shows.

[00:25:17] - Podmachine is a chatbot that automates a lot of repetitive tasks. It was built by the company that he sold before. It's faster and cheaper to do show notes manually. It uses capture to do it. It's the best.

[00:26:27] - Podcasters in Southeast Asia and all over the world are busy people doing this Honda side. The most important thing that Podmachine provides is their ability to not worry about the editing and all the dirty work. Once they start getting all that 4 hours per episode back, they don't ever want to go back.

[00:30:34] - When we talk about saving time, is it so that we can work on the business and have that kind of golden hour, or is it to have time to do other things that we want to be pursuing outside of work.

[00:31:52] - Podmachine.com is a website that helps podcasters edit their own podcasts. 

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