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Nov. 8, 2022

33. The Email Marketing Strategy High-Income Earning Podcasters Use (That Lower-Income Earners Don't)

33. The Email Marketing Strategy High-Income Earning Podcasters Use (That Lower-Income Earners Don't)

Do you want to know how to grow your podcast email list so that you always have fresh new listeners to share your podcast with? In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. The importance of building an email list for your podcast (and why you shouldn’t rely on social media followings)
2. The power of collaboration in growing your email list and how to leverage it 
3. The 3 advanced strategies that will help you add hundreds of listeners to your email list at a time

"The best thing about email, you get to communicate directly with your community, with your people."

I remember when I started my very first business nine years ago, the dessert bar in Sydney called The Choc Pot. I had no clue how to grow it. Absolutely no idea. 

So around four months in, I joined an entrepreneurship mastermind and coaching program. I was sitting at one of the middle tables. I remember this really, really clearly, and I was scribbling away furiously as the presenter was talking. 

I was scribbling away furiously because they were talking about concepts that companies like Dropbox and Hotmail had been doing, things that started the proliferation of what we call viral marketing now. 

And the main outcome of viral marketing is to build an email list. 

This is an often-overlooked component in podcast marketing and this episode will show you exactly how to use it to get a competitive advantage. 

Here is what else you will learn: 

  1. How to leverage other people's audiences to grow your own 
  2. The importance of having the right mindset when approaching collaborations 
  3. The value of specificity when pitching collaborations

Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:03] - In this episode of the podcast series, I'm going to cover how to grow your podcast email list. It's the third marketing strategy that the improved podcast research highlighted that higher income earning podcasts are doing. That lower income earning podcasts are not.

[00:01:46] - Deirdre Tshien is the CEO and Co-founder of Capsho, the world's first AI powered podcast copywriter. Deidre and Bona discuss how to build an email list for your podcast. They discuss the benefits of emailing your audience.

[00:03:54] - In episode 23 of the podcast, I talked about how to grow your podcast email list. I doubled the downloads on my podcast episode when some text stuff got ironed out and people started receiving my emails about my new podcast episode. Building and emailing. An email list is a marketing strategy that sets high income earning podcasts apart from lower income earning ones.

[00:05:05] - Bona explains how to build a list and promote a podcast. She explains the three steps of how to do it well so that you can build your list to promote your podcast, too.

[00:06:19] - Deirdre and Bona talk about the importance of mindset shift in business. They discuss the difference between working with others and working for yourself. They talk about how to focus on what's in it for the other person and how to structure the collaboration to suit their needs.

[00:08:42] - When Capsho gets approached for collaborations, they need to be specific about what they want to get from it and how they want it to be delivered. Capsho is going to dive into some of their favorite vehicles of how they structure these collaborations in step two.

[00:09:49] - In order to be successful in business, you need to change your mindset. You need to focus on building relationships and connections. You have to have the mindset for collaboration and giving first. You also need to swallow your pride and put the ego to the side when working with others.

[00:15:31] - Virtual summits are a great way to grow your podcast. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. It added close to 1700 people to their list in June of 2022. Virtual summits also upsell people into backstage passes, which is powerful.

[00:20:11] - The third topic that we want to talk about is contests. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to structure a contest in a way that would be valuable to our collaboration partners. It took a couple of weeks of running and doing yoga to find the right solution.

[00:21:43] - The contest was very well-structured and targeted to the right audience. The Prize was a guide on how to audit your podcast. The list of participants was extremely qualified. There were very few unsubscribes from the contest. The winner will get all of the free resources from the list and more points towards the Prize.

[00:23:47] - Step. One is to have a mindset for collaboration and giving. Second is to choose your vehicle. Third is to make it simple for your partners to participate in the project. The three vehicles are the ones that the company knows and loves. And they will keep doing them.

[00:24:44] - What they did for their collaboration partners for the summit and the contest. They created specific promotional content for them. They created a folder system where everyone had their own folder of collateral. They also gave them a promotion calendar to say what to do.

[00:28:10] - You need to build an email list before you can even email them about your podcast. Once you have the list, you can promote your podcast to the list you've built. It's very important to choose the right vehicle and make it easy for them to do it.

[00:28:51] - This episode is about building an email list for high income earning podcasters. It's a third marketing tactic that those higher income earning podcasts are doing. Capsho.com is helping podcasters amplify their message and get reach by providing a promotional email in under 10 minutes from uploading an episode file.

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