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Oct. 31, 2022

32. How to Grow Your Podcast Through Targeted Podcast Pitching with Kevin Chemidlin

32. How to Grow Your Podcast Through Targeted Podcast Pitching with Kevin Chemidlin

Growing your podcast isn’t just about 1. Publishing more frequently 2. Creating more content 3. Constantly promoting your show. If you’re doing all of this and still not seeing exponential podcast growth, this episode will show you what you’re missing!

"I assert that it is the most effective, efficient, and exponential way to grow your show."

Kevin Chemidlin is the host of Grow The Show, a podcast dedicated to helping podcasters grow and monetize their shows.

This is Kevin Chemidlin's story...

I was a software developer at a big health insurance company, but I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had all these side hustles in my early career while I was a software developer by day. One by one, they failed. 

I was listening to an episode of How I Built this with Guy Raz and they did an episode about Warby Parker. At that moment I was like, I need to hear more of this. I need to hear more stories of Philadelphia’s success in this way via a podcast. So I started the Philly Who? podcast. It got a little bit of early success and downloads and buzz, but then it stopped growing. 

What I learned through this phase completely changed the game by helping me grow and monetize my show and now I’m so glad I get to share it with other podcasters so they can get the same results. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How Kevin Chemidlin went from being a software developer to a successful podcaster, and how he figured out how to grow and monetize his show
  2. How Targeted Podcast Pitching (TPP) can help podcasters grow their audiences exponentially
  3. How to create a system for TPP that can be done on autopilot

Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:00] - In episode twelve of the Grow My Podcast Show, I spoke about a four step strategy to getting traffic to your podcast to increase downloads. One of those steps is leveraging other people's audiences. Kevin Chemidlin of the Grow The Show is going to teach us how to do it.

[00:01:43] - Deirdre Tshien is the CEO and Cofounder of Capsho, the world's first AI-powered podcast copywriter. Kevin Chemidlin is a good friend of Deirdre, he used to work as a software developer at a big health insurance company. He wanted to be an entrepreneur, so he started a podcast in May 2018. He didn't have any revenue from the show, any plan on how to grow and monetize the show.

[00:08:56] - Grow The Show is a podcast that helps podcasters grow their audience and monetize their shows. It was started as a coaching program for podcasters. Now it's a full-time business. It has an audience of between 20 and 25000 podcasters and 315 people in the accelerator.

[00:21:26] - Kevin Chemidlin explains how to find the perfect guest for a podcast. He explains how the process of finding a guest on a podcast is different to that of a conference talk. He shares his tips on how to pitch a talk to a podcast and how to get on a show.

[00:26:57] - The first question that a good podcast guest should answer is “what's your background“ before the interview, the hero's journey is a framework for storytelling. The second step is to tell the listeners what they can do to get value from the first two episodes of the podcast.

[00:34:57] - Kevin recommends starting with TDE for podcasters under 300 downloads per episode and starting with TPP for those above 300 downloads.

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