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Oct. 18, 2022

30. How this Podcasting Chef went from 350 to 1700 downloads in a single month

30. How this Podcasting Chef went from 350 to 1700 downloads in a single month

Tired of seeing your podcast monthly downloads stagnate? Adam Lamb, Culinary Consultant & Podcaster, shares his 3 secrets on how he grew his episode downloads by 4x in only 1 month.

Adam M Lamb is a professional chef with thirty years of successes, and failures which he leverages as the producer and host of the podcast Chef Life Radio, and Line Check for chefs who want to enjoy their career without sacrificing their life.

He is also a consultant, coach and mentor to the hospitality industry speaking on the issues of mental health and wellness, addiction, organizational culture, and building community at Realignment Hospitality.

Adam’s published works include: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, Profanity & Its Proper Use, and An Initiated Man, Finally. His newest book, Circle Jerk – Lessons of Manhood My Father Never Taught Me, is due in summer 2022. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, In the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he produces a line of Pepper Sauces and makes goat cheese in his spare time.

This is Adam Lamb's story...

Adam created Chef Life Radio as a way to connect with other chefs and talk about the lack of leadership in the culinary industry. He wanted to create a space where chefs could be mentored and feel seen and valued. 

After a break, he came back to the podcast and started using a mix of tools to streamline his workflow so that he could focus on growing his audience and reach new listeners. He is now consistently producing quality content and engaging with his audience on a regular basis which has led to some phenomenal results in the growth of his podcast. 

In this episode, you will learn Adam’s secrets and strategies that enabled him to:

  1. Quadruple his episode downloads 
  2. Average and email open rate of 66% and 
  3. Increase his social media engagement to 30% across Facebook and LinkedIn  


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Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:13] - Adam Lamb started a podcast called “Chef Life Radio“ in 2014. It's aimed at executive chefs who want to enjoy their careers without sacrificing their lives. Adam believes there is a lack of leadership in the culinary industry. Adam has worked in the industry for 30 years, and he was never taught how to lead. Capsho is a new AI platform that allows you to create show titles and show notes in real-time. It's a great adjunct to what the writer is trying to achieve. Before he does anything else, he needs to ask his producer to assemble the Gold Nuggets and put it in Capsho.

[00:07:19] - Bona helped him to get into Capsho's beta program. He went from 300 downloads per episode to 1800 downloads in the space of two episodes. This month's episode of Chef's Show has been downloaded 1200 times.

[00:26:02] - Captivate allows you to create a network and host multiple shows and cross-stream them. Kevin Chemidlin did a training on his Grow the Show Facebook Group on how to use organic video as a way to pitch to an audiogram. He wants to create an ephemeral experience of being connected with the people that are drawn to his message in his show and to create a feedback loop so he can constantly be asking questions and get better at producing content.

[00:32:31] - Adam used Capsho to increase his open rate by 20% to 27%. When he started using the opening subject lines from Capsho, the open rate jumped to 66%. Engagement and Impressions went up by 20-30%. Adam is excited about using the LinkedIn post or the blog post in the newsletter.

[00:37:26] - The first strategy is about repurposing your video content. The second is about creating a video to drive people to audiograms. The third strategy is to focus on one social media platform Capsho. YouTube will be able to use the Capsho strategy.

[00:47:45] - They were part of a podcast accelerator group and they had been in touch with one another. They had a couple of conversations and I was introduced to the third party and that's how they came to it. It was more about how I can provide value for them and assist them.

[00:49:57] - Adam Chef life radio is looking for a call to action. He would like to hear from other people about their podcasts and their professional and personal lives. If you have a podcast or a personal essay to share, email him at adamchefliferadio@mailonline.com or meet him on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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Here's a breakdown of what is covered:

[00:00:13] - Introducing  Adam Lamb.

[00:26:02] - An email list.

[00:37:26] - Organically driving people to your videos.

[00:40:12] - Tiktok vs Audiograms.

[00:45:19] - How do you use trailer swap?

[00:48:47] - Has his video contributed to the uplift?

[00:49:57] - Call to action.