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Oct. 10, 2022

29. How Top Earning Podcasters use their website to grow their show

29. How Top Earning Podcasters use their website to grow their show

Part 1 of 3 of the most important marketing differences between high and low income earning podcasts - having a website for your show. In this episode you’ll learn how podcasters can create a high-performing podcast website!

I recently came across a research paper by Improve Podcast and they had some great tips on how to make your podcast more successful. One of the things they said is that high income earning podcasters have a website for their show. This is a great way to market your podcast and get more people to listen to it. They also said that show notes are important because they help people discover your podcast.  

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. The role of the podcast website in creating a high income earning podcast
  2. How to create and edit show notes easily, in under 25 minutes per episode 
  3. What your show notes are missing in order to reach and engage more people


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Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:03] - There was a survey of 1076 podcasters and it revealed that high income earning podcasters are doing three things that lower income podcasters should focus on in order to grow their shows and become higher income earning podcasts. Over the next three episodes, we are going to be diving into each of these three strategies.

[00:01:11] - Deirdre Tshien is the CEO and co founder of Capsho, the world's first AI powered podcast copywriter. She explains why having a podcast website is the most important marketing differentiator between higher income podcasts and those earning less than 50k a year. She also explains how to create an effective podcast website.

[00:04:07] - Bona Rai, the co-founder and COO of Capsho  are talking about podcast websites today. Bona's team has developed a system that takes less than 25 minutes per episode to create media rich SEO optimized content for Capsho's podcast website and shares it with you.

[00:07:58] - After choosing the website provider, the second step is to create and edit the show notes. Show notes are the website episode page off of a player, whereas the text on the player is a description. The description should be short and sharp to funnel people to the website page, which has the full show notes for the player.

[00:09:10] - Show notes are critical because they help people discover a podcast. Rasean from Capsho Collective created a news Capsho to create the show notes for every episode. She used it to create a summary of the content of the podcast for people who have already listened to it and for new listeners.

[00:14:38] - The podcasting is great because people can listen to it while they're doing other things. It also makes you think more intentionally about your show to keep people sticky and engaged. The way Rasean and her team organize their show notes is very simple. They record the conversation and edit it and put it on YouTube. She also has a Pod page on her website.

[00:18:20] - Get a website provider for your show. Create and edit your show notes with capture. Include all the links in there as well as rich media like YouTube, videos, images and examples. Show notes are useful in terms of leading with value and pushing people over to the website.

[00:20:04] - This is the first of three episodes on the three marketing differentiators between high income earning and low income earning podcasts. The first one is to have a website for your show. Next week we are going to be talking about the second one, which I'm not going to reveal.

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Here's a breakdown of what is covered:

[00:00:03] - Three strategies to become a higher income podcaster.

[00:01:11] - Having a podcast website.

[00:04:57] - How to set up a podcast website.

[00:07:58] - Create and edit show notes.

[00:12:51] - Adding value to your show notes.

[00:18:20] - Get a website provider.

[00:20:04] - High income earning podcasts vs low income earning podcasts.