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Grow My Podcast Show

Are you a high ticket coach who started a podcast to grow your credibility, authority, get leads and you're wondering.... "Now what? How do I now get my ideal clients to listen to this?"

You're not alone! Join us as we journey through growing our podcast show with the purpose of getting leads for our own business, sharing tips, advice and struggles along the way!

Reach out if you have your own tips, advice or if you have any questions: hi@capsho.com

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Recent Episodes

63. Everything you need to know about Podcasting 2.0 with Daniel J. Lewis

June 5, 2023

Are you a podcaster who wants to stay ahead of the podcasting game? In this interview with Daniel J. Lewis, we delve into Podcasting 2.0 to help you navigate the exciting changes happening in the world of podcasting and what…

62. How to use the Secret Sauce of Reciprocity for Explosive Podcast Success

May 30, 2023

Does the idea of networking and building relationships with other podcasters leave you feeling skeptical? Are you tired of throwing money at paid ads and still not seeing growth in your podcast? If this sounds familiar, it's…

61. Why Guests don't promote episodes and how to be the exception with Kelly Mosser

May 23, 2023

As a podcast host, have you ever had a guest who refused to share the episode? Sucks right? In this episode, Podcasting Powerhouse and the Podcast Guest Whisperer, Kelly Mosser, shares the top reasons why guests don't share,…

Guest: Kelly Mosser

60. Finding Growth in Entrepreneurship Challenges in Podcasting with Alex Sanfilippo

May 16, 2023

Join my conversation with fellow podcasting software founder, and dear friend, Alex Sanfilippo for a candid discussion about the pressures, the stresses and the fulfillment that comes with building game changing software exp…

59. Transform Your Coaching Business with Podcast Guesting with Chris Williams

May 8, 2023

Chris Williams shares his unique approach to making sales without relying on traditional one-on-one sales calls. Find out all the details on how to build connection that you can easily (i.e. non-sleazily) leverage into sales.

58. Revitalize Your Podcast Strategy: How to break through Progress Plateaus

May 2, 2023

Feel like you’re doing everything to promote and market your show but growth feels a little stagnant? This episode will walk you through a framework to identify the next level of growth for your podcast!